Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Hampi is a historical place located in Northern Karnataka on the banks of the river Tungabhadra. Before visiting Hampi we had no idea about the place, historical as well as the mythological significance of the place. We were a group of eight who decided to go for the trip. We were very exited as all of us were very much tired and needed a break from office.

We left for the trip on Friday night. The journey itself was very exiting. Most of us knew each other professionally but never got the time to know the other aspect of each others life. We even watched some movies in the vehicle itself. The next morning we reached Hampi. We booked few rooms in a lodge for 2 hours to refresh ourselves. After that we had our breakfast and in the mean time our guide was present there to show us the beautiful place.

There we came to know about the history of the place. Hampi was the capital of the kingdom of Krishna Deva Raya. Also this was the kingdom of Kishkinda i.e. the Vanara kingdom which finds mention in the Ramayana. Also it is the second largest ruins in the world. We visited lots of temples, palaces , places of excavation, etc. It was a trip full of beautiful sight seeing all along and knowledge.

Later in the evening we visited the Tungabhadra Dam which was also beautiful sight. A great display of modern day engineering. There we also visited the garden which was really beautiful sight of the nature and we also witnessed a great show of musical fountain.

Finally we left and reached Bangalore the next morning. By that time we were very much tired but full of joy. It was a really memorable trip which we all will always remember.