Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Time Is Money

There is an old proverb that ‘Time is Money’. Is it really true? How can Time be equivalent to Money. What is that which relates Time and Money or there is something by which we can convert Time to Money.

Some people say that Time is Money because we earn money spending our time at work. Well it is true but also it depends on how we are utilizing our time. On many occasions we keep on doing stuff which is unnecessary. We can easily spend that time doing some productive work. I think this is the difference between people who are rich and successful and a common man. They spend there time wisely doing stuff which earns them the money. They value there time and this is how entrepreneurs are born.

We are discussing how Time can be Money but we didn’t consider happiness here. People for whom happiness is all about money the above thing holds true. But is happiness all about money, No. So in this context I must say Time is more valuable than money. Because whatever we do in life is for happiness. It may be our own or the happiness we give to our loved ones, our relatives and friends.

What is the value of spending all your time earning money when you cannot spend some time with your old parents, you cannot play with you child. Is that money worth when your spouse wants your time or when your friends want to hang out with you?

We say we earn money for the happiness of our loved ones but that money doesn’t seem to provide all the happiness they want. Yes money is important but we should consider Time as Money and spend some of it on things which brings happiness.

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