Tuesday, September 1, 2009

You Don't Know It

strange how i love you more than ever now.
now that i cannot hold you.
now that i can only watch you from a far.
you are my weight.
freedom is in my hands.

i am no longer bound to you.
but i bind myself to you.
you are the stone tied to the end of my string.
i am the balloon reaching for the sky.
i cannot help but float close to the ground.

i miss you.
how much.
you will never know.
i want to let go.
like you have.
but i can't.
"it's not so bad.
you don't want me back.
it's not so bad.
you're just.. the best I've ever had"

you don't know it.
but i would do anything for you.

you don't know it.
i still take keep that photo of us around with me.

you don't know it.
but you remind me of the time when i knew who i was.

you don't know it.
but i still love you.

I will always hold you higher than anyone else.

-Written By : Unknown

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